Unlimited trading accounts in just one place.

Connect to multiple exchanges at the same time. Join multiple cryptocurrency exchanges with a single account. Centralize your API order routing process to get the best pricing across exchanges.

Two options for trading management: self-hosted or managed cloud

We offer two different models of EMS API: managed cloud and self-hosted.

The managed cloud is hosted in the cloud by CoinAPI, while the self-hosted option is more challenging to set up but also allows users to keep their transactions private since we will not be able to see them.

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Connect to multiple exchanges at once

With EMS Trading API, you can access many cryptocurrency exchanges using one account. You can connect as many accounts as you want from over 45 exchanges.

Save time by using EMS Trading API! Don’t switch between exchanges. Trade all your crypto from one place.

Make many simultaneous crypto transactions with one EMS Trading API account.

Access unified crypto markets with one account

Best-in-class global multi-asset coverage and connectivity

Designed to exceed large institutions' performance, reliability, and security requirements

Market data from the past - Use our dependable order book-level price and trade data for the most popular exchanges and currency pairs to backtest or conduct other analyses.

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Eliminate liquidity problem

Multi-exchange operations - onboarding with every crypto exchange is expensive and time-consuming. Each exchange has different API requirements. CoinAPI solves the above problems by creating unified access to all crypto exchanges with a single account 

Sub-millisecond accuracy in digital asset exchanges.

Best-in-class latencies

Fully managed and secure network connections with high-speed connectivity designed for price discovery.

Software that is technologically advanced, stable, and secure, with a single API for ease of use.

Market data from the past - Use our dependable order book-level price and trade data for the most popular exchanges and currency pairs to backtest or conduct other analyses.

Meet Market Data API's key features

We supply order books with maximum frequency. Clients can get the order books as frequently as the exchange allows using FIX API and Websocket API.

Advanced Order Types

Access To Market Data

Smart Order Routing

Pre And Post-Trade Analysis

Trading Execution

Execution Models


Order Management

{run on your infrastructure with submicrosecond latency}

We maintains deep and broad ecosystem of infrastructure vendors so we can deliver to your environment from a close proximity with redundancy.


Why developers choose us?

We provide helper libraries for the most popular programming languages, so you can focus on the most important aspects instead of wasting time connecting the pieces together.


All protocols

Our APIs come in three protocols so you don’t need to worry about different exchange interfaces and support.


Easy integration

CoinAPI offers easy integration within 2-3 weeks, saving time and experience in product development.


Dev-friendly interfaces

CoinAPI offers SDKs in 40 languages with tailored documentation for each endpoint.

Our core values
What makes us different?


CoinAPI provides server redundancy for quick region switching during any issues to ensure customer accessibility.

Our core values

What makes us different?


Dedicated APIs ecosystem

We offer a complete ecosystem of API, making it more advantageous to integrate with one company rather than multiple vendors.


Custom requests

CoinAPI supports non-standard items, including unusual order types of exchanges, along with all their functionality.


Low latency and high quality

Low latency and high quality. We ensure accurate information by having human experts double-check all stock symbols and asset codes


Real-time and historical data from all exchanges

Get historical prices or real-time market data with no delays, and integrate them directly into your use case.

Use cases

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