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Take your crypto trading to the next level with CoinAPI collection of crypto APIs. Gain access to the best cryptocurrency market data insights and trade from a single place.

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Market Data API

Access real-time and historical price data, including latest quotes and trades, with no delays. Get order book-level information for top exchanges and currency pairs.

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EMS Trading API

Connect to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges with one account. Automate trades, interact with the trading system, or conduct transactions directly on exchanges.

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CryptoTick is a pay-per-service platform that makes it easy for non-API researchers to download cryptocurrency historical data in flat files.

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Node as a Service

Power your blockchain apps with reliable, scalable infrastructure. Choose from shared or dedicated nodes, and enjoy access to node monitoring, archive data, and smart contract deployment.

On-Chain API

Gain access to reliable and high-quality raw data across multiple blockchain protocols, providing valuable insights to power your applications.

Why developers love us?

We empower developers with tools and resources that streamline their workflow, allowing them to create innovative solutions faster and more efficiently.


Unified Ecosystem

Access a cohesive platform where all components work seamlessly together, eliminating compatibility headaches and streamlining your development process.


Plug-and-Play Solutions

Leverage our modular architecture to rapidly build and customize your applications. Mix and match components to create tailored solutions effortlessly.


Developer-Centric Design

Experience a platform built by developers, for developers. Our intuitive design and developer-first approach make complex tasks feel effortless.


Uninterrupted Service

Our distributed infrastructure have 100ms-level failover time. Standard SLA included to all subscriptions. Experience seamless operations, regardless of local disruptions.

Our core values

Why Choose CoinAPI?


Comprehensive API Suite

Access our full range of financial data through a single, unified API ecosystem, simplifying integration and reducing development time.


Tailored Data Solutions

From unique order types to proprietary exchange data, we support custom requests that go beyond standard offerings, adapting to your specific integration requirements.


Real-time & interconnects

We operate on proprietary infrastructure, ensuring the lowest latency and highest uptime in the industry. Our global network using UDP na BGP protocols to exchange data directly between our data centers and Customers.


Real-time and historical data from all exchanges

Seamlessly access both real-time and historical data from over 300 data sources in same format, enabling thorough market analysis and informed decision-making.

Use cases


Mike Nasser

Satstreet Trading Desk

“CoinAPI is the perfect solution for real-time information sourced from all exchanges, offering user-friendly APIs for developers and investors.“


Chris A. Tovmasian


“CoinAPI empowers businesses with seamless integration, high precision, and reliable data, transforming them into crypto-ready powerhouses for effortless cryptocurrency tracking.“


Colin Mackie

“CoinAPI has been a very reliable service and provides us with exactly the data we need. We have been a customer since 2019 and expect to continue using the services in the future.“

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