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How SingAlliance leverages Crypto API for cryptocurrency Investment and Analysis

Learn How SingAlliance Utilizes Crypto API
to enhance its Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies and Data Analysis

About Singalliance

SingAlliance offers an advanced platform for cryptocurrency investors who demand the best trading expertise. The company executes thousands of transactions with emphasis on security, high availability, and low latency. Their trading strategy includes adept management of price volatility. To gain better insights into the market, SingAlliance uses CoinAPI, a tool for analyzing and investing in cryptocurrencies. This enables SingAlliance to enhance profits for their customers.

SingAlliance CEO quote: "Adopting CoinAPI was arguably the biggest step we were able to take in moving forward with quantitative research to produce new trading methods for our customers. CoinAPI offers an easy way to gather live data on any cryptocurrency and the trading volume of each of them. We use CoinAPI to power our portfolio tracking and research features"

SingAlliance: Pioneering Cryptocurrency Asset Management with CoinAPI

The popularity of crypto assets is on the rise, and investors are keen to diversify their portfolios with them. Cryptocurrency management platforms and tools have made it easier for investors to profit from these assets without worrying about the technicalities. The retail industry has recognized the potential of cryptocurrencies, resulting in an increase in funding opportunities.

SingAlliance, established in Singapore in 2011, is an expert in managing crypto operations and assists companies in investing in high-performing assets across exchanges. With offices located in Singapore, Geneva, Hong Kong, and Dubai, SingAlliance provides comprehensive financial solutions and expert guidance to high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients while managing investment funds with high added value.

"The market for financial solutions based on cryptocurrency is still new but is growing. Cryptocurrencies are now more extensively used in both the institutional and private sectors. As a result, we currently observe a significant demand from investors, particularly on the institutional side, which we satisfy with a reasonable and, most importantly, regulated offer. For many investors, cryptocurrency has evolved from a specialized product to a crucial part of their asset allocation." said Thierry Beck, SingAlliance CEO.

Today, we had a conversation with Thierry Beck, the CEO of SingAlliance, to understand how they utilize CoinAPI to convert intricate aggregated cryptocurrency data into easily accessible data for their clients.

The challenge

SingAlliance was looking for an API that provides historical data on cryptocurrencies to perform quantitative analysis for crypto investment. REST API access was the key factor in selecting the API vendor. SingAlliance utilizes CoinAPI to merge their traditional finance expertise with thorough research on cryptocurrencies. This enables them to offer customers active investment options in this emerging asset class.

“At SingAlliance, we use CoinAPI to maintain and grow upon a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. We made a decision to integrate with CoinAPI because they offer the most comprehensive data available online. With access to more than 200 exchanges, our team can easily maintain and update information on multiple assets. The ability to store cryptocurrency transactions offline in the volatile market showed us that CoinAPI had our back. It is critical for us as an organization to have access to this type of data in order to make informed decisions. This is why we chose CoinAPI over other options on the market” explains SingAlliance CEO Thierry Beck.

Here are the challenges SingAlliance faced

  • Access to REST API
  • The ability to access REST APIs enables the extraction of valuable information from multiple exchanges simultaneously, resulting in the creation of an extensive library and a front-end application that is loaded with features.

  • Lack of reliable API for crypto investing and analysis
  • SingAlliance faced a significant challenge while conducting quantitative research, which was to obtain a market data API that could provide immediate access to both current and past data on cryptocurrencies.

  • Lack of historical cryptocurrency data
  • SingAlliance sought a partner with the ability to provide current pricing data, a crucial requirement for individuals involved in trading, investments, and digital currencies.

  • Institutional solution
  • SingAlliance was seeking to join forces with professionals who share their vision and values. The company offers comprehensive assistance and tools to maximize the effectiveness of their solutions. Moreover, customers can rest assured that SingAlliance's solutions are dependable, well-protected, and always up-to-date, thanks to the company's substantial backing.

  • Diversified sources of prices
  • SingAlliance was in search of a reliable source to receive information about cryptocurrency prices. They needed a simple way to access prices from different exchanges and calculate the value of cryptocurrencies based on other supported currencies.

    The solution

    SingAlliance was looking for an API that provides historical data on cryptocurrencies to perform quantitative analysis for crypto investment. REST API access was the key factor in selecting the API vendor. SingAlliance utilizes CoinAPI to merge their traditional finance expertise with thorough research on cryptocurrencies. This enables them to offer customers active investment options in this emerging asset class.


    SingAlliance opted for CoinAPI as their reliable cryptocurrency data source that collects and provides data through an API. This decision was made to ensure that they offer top-notch portfolio management services and quantitative trading options to their clients.

    “The ability to have the real-time data streaming is a game-changer,” Thierry Beck told us. “The API is super easy to integrate and super easy to get the data you need”

    SingAlliance is now capable of offering its clients with trustworthy information about cryptocurrency that is customized to meet each client's investment needs. CoinAPI has proven to be the most dependable and cost-effective option for SingAlliance. The company has been using CoinAPI for quite some time and relies on its data to conduct research on crypto trading strategies.

    Here’s how CoinAPI solved SingAlliance’s challenges with API for crypto investing and analysis:

  • Get more insights thanks to real-time streamlined data
  • Leveraging the power of a market data API, SingAlliance facilitates enhanced insight for its customers through the provision of real-time, streamlined data. This empowers the firm to offer crucial tools for market analysis, enabling investors to make decisions grounded in data and insight. SingAlliance offers comprehensive views of the current crypto market status, as well as the potential of individual coins and tokens. With this information at their fingertips, investors are better equipped to evaluate the potential risks and returns of their prospective investments.

  • Connecting clients with cryptocurrency assets
  • SingAlliance is able to offer a range of services such as asset management, trading, research and analysis, and portfolio management, thanks to the data provided by CoinAPI. Customers have the opportunity to access a diverse range of digital assets, which can assist investors in building a diversified portfolio of digital assets. Additionally, customers can compare and contrast different types of digital assets and identify opportunities for growth.

  • Work with reliable, enterprise-grade API for crypto investing and analysis
  • A Crypto Market data API is an excellent solution for businesses seeking a dependable, enterprise-level data source. With this API, you can easily access the latest real-time information on the crypto market, including reliable and precise data on trading activity, pricing, and more. Furthermore, you can customize the data to meet your specific business needs, providing you with the flexibility you require. The CoinAPI is highly secure, using state-of-the-art encryption technology to keep your data safe. Moreover, it is easy to integrate into your existing system, making it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

  • Making service stable
  • Having a stable API connection is crucial for ensuring a seamless user experience. It allows for reliable communication between different components and systems. SingAlliance has chosen to use the CoinAPI service to ensure that its portfolio tracking runs smoothly and efficiently at all times. This guarantees stability and consistency in the performance of the API.

  • Making integration quick and simple
  • API integration can be a game-changer when it comes to adding new features and functions to your system. To simplify and accelerate the integration process, utilizing an API integration platform can provide the essential structure and resources required to seamlessly integrate APIs.

  • Providing multiple price sources
  • A crypto market data API can provide you with access to various price sources, which can assist you in making informed decisions. You can utilize the API to monitor the progress of different cryptocurrencies over a period of time, enabling you to make better choices based on past data. With an abundance of data readily available, you will possess the necessary tools to take full advantage of the crypto market.

    “Working with a partner like CoinAPI allows SignAlliance to maximize the value of crypto investments, diversify a high-quality portfolio, better understand financial health, more easily invest globally, including in emerging markets, and ability to more easily invest in non-traditional funds. The crypto space is evolving rapidly and we need to ensure that we're connecting our clients with the best services available. We've worked with CoinAPI since few years and they've always been a great partner when we need assistance integrating into new platforms or understanding how the crypto market works." explains SingAlliance CEO Thierry Beck.

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