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Learn How Satstreet Takes Advantage of CoinAPI's Real-Time Data
to make informed trading decisions

To translate complex cryptocurrency data into comprehensible insights for both their clients and internal purposes, Satstreet required a trustworthy real-time crypto price source. This, in turn, allows them to operate their trading desk efficiently, providing top-notch trade execution services and reliable reporting.

CoinAPI is a trustworthy provider of real-time data feeds for the trading desk. The main advantage of working with CoinAPI, according to Satstreet Co-Founder Mike Nasser, is the ability to provide real-time pricing pre-quote to our customers.”

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About Satstreet

Satstreet is a leading player in the rapidly growing digital asset industry. It offers its customers a highly reliable and liquid over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk, which provides real-time pricing data to help them make quick and informed decisions. Satstreet relies on CoinAPI to ensure that its pricing information is always up-to-date and accurate, saving its customers the hassle of manually searching for the latest prices.

At Satstreet, customers can trust that they are getting a personalized trading experience that caters to their unique needs. The OTC trading desk provides access to large liquidity pools that can handle big orders, as well as real-time pricing and market information, and dedicated customer service. Additionally, customers can enjoy competitive rates for their orders, enabling them to trade at the most favorable prices. This makes Satstreet a safe and cost-effective option for customers who need to complete large orders without causing market disruption.

To ensure the best possible trade execution services and reliable reporting, Satstreet relies on a live pricing service that aggregates and serves data through an API. That's why the company decided to use CoinAPI. To learn more about how Satstreet uses CoinAPI to turn complex aggregated crypto data into accessible information for its customers, we spoke with Satstreet co-founder Mike Nasser.

The challenge

Satstreet was in search of a trustworthy and efficient provider for pricing services that could help their clients trade with confidence. They found the perfect solution in CoinAPI's live pricing and charting library. By integrating with Satstreet, CoinAPI was able to deliver live prices pre-quote, which boosted Satstreet's clients' confidence in trading with tight pricing.

'From the start, our mission was to make the purchase, exchange, and sale of cryptocurrencies simpler and more reliable for Canadians. We have been devoted to servicing premium customers (accredited and approved investors) which has enabled us to offer an extraordinary 'white-glove service' that can't be found in Canada. In the past two years, we have grown rapidly, largely due to the importance we place on client service which has consequently resulted in mostly organic growth through word-of-mouth.' explains Satstreet Co-Founder Mike Nasser.

Here are the challenges Satstreet faced:

  • Lack of reliable price data
  • Satstreet faced a major challenge in finding a market data API that could provide them with real-time and historical data for cryptocurrencies instantly. They needed access to streaming market data, rather than being restricted to pulling data in minute or daily intervals.

  • Lack of real-time crypto prices
  • Satstreet had to find a data provider to fill the gap in real-time cryptocurrency data that they were facing. This data was essential for them to integrate it into their charting system without any hassle.

  • Work with the corporate entity and corporate-grade solution
  • Satstreet was looking for a corporate partner who shares their vision and objectives. The goal was to strengthen their services by receiving the required resources and support to improve their solutions. A partnership with a corporate entity ensures that their solutions are trustworthy, secure, and regularly updated, which creates trust among their customers.

  • Lack of multiple price sources
  • The challenge of lacking multiple price sources was a significant one for Satstreet. They needed a dependable source capable of providing comprehensive cryptocurrency data from numerous exchanges, all consolidated into one accessible location.

    The solution

    Satstreet needed a reliable stream of real-time crypto prices to keep pace with the constantly changing market. This was an essential requirement for their trading desk, which was not available earlier. By having access to live costs, their customers can trade with confidence, knowing that they are getting accurate prices.

    “We decided to link up with CoinAPI as it offered the most dependable and secure service, providing assurance that our customers would always have the market information they required. Comparing offerings from multiple sources was also made possible. With the help of CoinAPI's feature of a live pricing provider with a charting library, we were able to offer live pricing pre-quote to our clients.” explains Satstreet Co-Founder Mike Nasser.

    Satstreet faced challenges in obtaining reliable pricing data and integrating it with their charting library. However, these issues were resolved when they began using CoinAPI's Market Data API. By integrating with CoinAPI, Satstreet was able to offer their clients live pricing pre-quotes, while also benefiting from CoinAPI's exceptional service reliability and stability. Utilizing multiple pricing sources allowed Satstreet to compare prices across the market. As a result, Satstreet's clients can now trade with confidence, knowing they are receiving accurate and competitive pricing. Today, Satstreet relies on CoinAPI's live pricing data to make informed trading decisions and to provide their customers with the best possible service.


    “CoinAPI has been instrumental in helping Satstreet streamline its operations by providing reliable and accurate price data. We, at Satstreet, strive to always provide best-in-class services for an important part of the market which we believe is greatly underserved.”

    Satstreet decided to partner with CoinAPI due to its exceptional service reliability and stability. With CoinAPI, Satstreet can confidently assure its clients that they will receive the necessary price data. By aggregating multiple pricing sources, Satstreet can provide its clients with comprehensive market comparisons, thereby getting more confidence in their decision-making abilities. If you're looking for a white-glove service, Satstreet is the perfect solution. With its dedicated account representative, low fees, and competitive trading prices, Satstreet is an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a large trade.

    Here's how CoinAPI solved Satstreet's challenges

  • Real-time crypto prices
  • The Satstreet team can cover all financial references, real-time pricing, historical pricing, and data relating to the trading of currencies with faster access to data. Live prices provide Satstreet clients with the confidence to trade with tight pricing.

  • A reliable, enterprise-grade source of data
  • CoinAPI is known for its dedication to safeguarding sensitive information through the use of cutting-edge encryption technology. This attribute is crucial for the smooth functioning of Satstreet. Furthermore, CoinAPI is effortless to use and can be easily incorporated into existing systems, making it an invaluable asset to Satstreet. Satstreet's experience demonstrates the numerous advantages of incorporating a service like CoinAPI. By collaborating with the right data provider, businesses can optimize their operations, enhance data security, and ultimately attain superior outcomes.

  • Making service stable
  • Having a stable API connection is crucial in ensuring a seamless user experience. It guarantees reliable communication between different components and systems. Satstreet, through the use of CoinAPI service, ensures that their trading desk runs smoothly and efficiently. A stable and reliable API also assures users that their data is secure and their applications are always running seamlessly.

  • Making integration quick and simple
  • API integration can offer your customers powerful new features and functionality. However, it's crucial to get it done quickly to avoid any delays. Waiting for days or weeks to get your API integrated is not ideal. Fortunately, with the right tools and strategies, you can get it done without any hassle. An API integration platform can be a game-changer in this regard. It provides the necessary infrastructure and tools to integrate APIs with ease and speed up the process.

    CoinAPI's user-friendly interface and well-documented API make the setup quick and uncomplicated, ensuring businesses can effortlessly incorporate its vast capabilities into their existing systems, enhancing their operations without any undue hassle.

  • Providing multiple price sources
  • A crypto market data API offers access to various price sources, enabling you to make informed decisions. By utilizing the API, you can monitor the progress of different cryptocurrencies over time, which allows you to make better decisions based on past data. With all this data at your disposal, you have the necessary tools to take full advantage of the crypto market.

    “We are absolutely delighted to be partnered with CoinAPI. It is a company that is driven by engineering and is highly focused on creating products. Their primary target is to offer the simplest and most convenient APIs to software developers and tech-savvy investors. If you are looking for real-time information sourced directly from all exchanges, then CoinAPI is the way to go.“

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