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How Axyon AI Leverages Market Data API to Detect Crypto Anomalies

How Axyon AI utilizes Market Data API to identify anomalies
within the volatile landscape of cryptocurrency trading

In today's ever-changing and unpredictable crypto landscape, it is crucial for investors to have reliable tools to detect anomalies. This is where Axyon AI comes in, providing asset managers with accurate AI predictive solutions. A team of experienced data scientists, software engineers, and quantitative finance researchers and analysts lead the charge in tackling the chaos of the crypto market.

Our focus today is on Axyon AI's Chief Technology Officer, Jacopo Credi, who will guide us through the company's innovative crypto anomaly detection solution. By leveraging Market data API from CoinAPI, Axyon AI fortifies its investment platform against the uncertainties of the crypto market. This story highlights the importance of strategic crypto market analysis, showcasing the resilience and foresight of Axyon AI.

"Detecting crypto anomalies requires vigilance and a thorough understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. By monitoring transaction patterns, and exchange activity, and using analytics tools, Axyon AI can help identify potential anomalies and support decision-making. This can’t be possible without CoinAPI data allowing us to keep an eye on cryptocurrency exchanges for any unusual activity, such as large trades, price fluctuations, or sudden increases in trading volume." explains Axyon AI Chief Technology Officer Jacopo Credi


The Challenge

Axyon AI faced the challenge of detecting anomalies in the volatile cryptocurrency market for accurate predictive analysis. Their goal was to find a reliable API providing precise cryptocurrency data that would enable them to pinpoint deviations in real-time in cryptocurrency assets. As a company deploying machine learning and artificial intelligence, Axyon AI has the capability to scrutinize massive amounts of data in real-time. This advanced analysis allows them to identify even the most subtle discrepancies, which can then be marked for further examination. Thus, their challenge was not just finding the right data, but also leveraging their sophisticated AI capabilities to turn that data into valuable insights.

Here are the challenges Axyon AI faced

  • Lack of reliable, high-quality sources of historical and real-time cryptocurrency data to run crypto anomaly detection solution
  • Axyon AI encountered a challenge in finding trustworthy and high-quality streams of both historical and real-time cryptocurrency data. The obstacle they faced involved finding a comprehensive, single-source provider of all necessary cryptocurrency data. The alternative, integrating with various tools and manually sifting through each data source, was a cumbersome process that they aimed to avoid. Their goal was to find a streamlined solution that could seamlessly supply all the data they needed for their advanced analysis.

  • Lack of aggregated data
  • Axyon AI faced a significant challenge due to the fragmented nature of information availability. The need to gather data from various sources presented an arduous and time-intensive task, necessitating individual research for each data segment. This lack of consolidated information was a major stumbling block in their quest for efficient and comprehensive data analysis.

  • The manual process of getting data from multiple sources
  • The process of manually accumulating data from different sources is not only labor-intensive but also demands a certain level of expertise. The pursuit of market and cryptocurrency data involves sifting through a multitude of websites and vendors, which makes it exceptionally challenging to pinpoint a one-stop source for exhaustive data. Certain APIs may focus on specific cryptocurrencies or offer more extensive data on some than on others, further complicating the search for comprehensive and balanced information.

    The Solution

    Axyon AI aimed to equip asset managers with advanced AI predictive solutions to ensure their success in the future. They were focused on providing their clients with an anomaly detection solution that could detect any irregularities in the cryptocurrency market. This enabled investors to make informed decisions and manage their investments with greater confidence.

    To achieve this, Axyon AI required reliable data on the crypto market. After thorough research, they decided to use CoinAPI as their data source due to its extensive and trustworthy coverage. With CoinAPI's dependable cryptocurrency information, Axyon AI created efficient machine-learning models to alert their clients of any potential disruptions or unusual behavior.

    “With CoinAPI, we have been able to develop effective machine-learning models which enabled us to warn our customers of potential market disruptions or unusual activity in a timely manner. This has resulted in a strong relationship with our crypto customers, leading to further work and potential new projects. Moreover, high-quality market data has saved us time and resources, enabling us to focus on developing our solutions and AI models to spur business growth.” said Jacopo Credi, CTO of Axyon AI

    The Result

    CoinAPI and Axyon AI have formed a partnership that has strengthened their relationship with cryptocurrency clients. CoinAPI provides high-quality market data to Axyon AI, allowing them to save time and resources. This has allowed Axyon AI to focus on improving its anomaly detection solution and AI models for business growth. CoinAPI handles the small details, freeing up Axyon AI to solely provide valuable services to their clients.

    Here's how Market data API from CoinAPI solved Axyon AI's challenges in running a crypto anomaly detection solution

  • Get access to Market data API with historical and real-time streamlined to run crypto anomaly detection solution
  • CoinAPI is capable of supplying real-time information on cryptocurrency prices and trading volumes. Axyon AI has been leveraging CoinAPI’s APIs to access this vital cryptocurrency data, facilitating the creation of machine-learning models for their AI-driven anomaly detection service. This top-tier market data has proven to be a time and resource saver for Axyon AI, allowing them to shift their focus towards devising solutions and developing AI models that propel business expansion.

  • Comprehensive coverage of cryptocurrency
  • CoinAPI, with its specialization in cryptocurrency data, offers broad coverage across a wide spectrum of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, among others. Their API delivers real-time pricing, historical data, trading volumes, order book data, and other pertinent metrics. By contrast, some other market data APIs might offer restricted coverage of cryptocurrencies, or possibly none at all. Hence, it's critical to select an API that caters to your specific demands in terms of the degree of coverage required.

  • Save time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on data collection and processing
  • Employing a Market Data API can lead to significant savings in terms of time and resources that would have been expended on data gathering and processing. Rather than resorting to manual data collection from a variety of sources—a process that is both lengthy and susceptible to errors—a Market Data API supplies real-time data in a standardized format. This data can be seamlessly integrated into pre-existing systems and workflows, greatly enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

  • Flexibility and ease of integration of the data API
  • CoinAPI's Market Data API is engineered to provide adaptability and ease of integration with pre-existing systems, employing universally accepted formats and protocols. It can be interfaced with through popular programming languages such as Python, Java, or C#. Furthermore, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and libraries are readily available for these programming languages, simplifying the integration process. CoinAPI offers customization in data acquisition, catering to unique requirements with options like real-time streaming, batch downloads, and different data sets or subsets. It provides a combination of flexibility and convenience, operable across desktop applications, mobile apps, and web-based platforms. As such, CoinAPI serves as an invaluable asset for traders, investors, and developers, offering tailored access and analysis of market data.

    “Working with CoinAPI has been a game-changer for our Crypto Anomaly Detection solution. The comprehensive and reliable market data provided by CoinAPI has allowed us to develop machine learning models that timely detect anomalous patterns in cryptocurrency market data, providing early warnings of potential market disruptions or unusual activity to crypto investors. We have been very satisfied with the service and support provided by CoinAPI and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to build machine learning solutions in this space." Jacopo Credi, Chief Technology Officer

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