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Satstreet tracks real-time crypto prices with CoinAPI

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Satstreet needed a reliable source of real-time crypto prices to transform complex crypto data into accessible insights for their clients and internal use. This enables them to run their trading desk to provide the best trade execution services and reliable reporting. 

Satstreet CoinAPI real-time crypto prices

The digital asset industry has seen exponential growth, and Satstreet is leading the charge. This OTC desk is one of the most reliable and liquid in Canada and provides its customers with live pricing data to make decisions quickly and correctly. Satstreet makes use of CoinAPI to guarantee that the pricing information is the most accurate and current, so customers don’t have to manually search for the latest prices. 

Satstreet has quickly become one of the most trusted digital asset trading data sources, allowing customers to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. 

Satstreet, as the over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk, offers a personalized trading experience to clients who seek to carry out big transactions without announcing them on the exchange. It provides access to sizable liquidity pools that can manage large orders, in addition to real-time pricing and market information and dedicated customer service. Moreover, the trading desk enables customers to get the most competitive rates for their orders, making it possible for them to trade at the most favorable prices. Overall, the OTC trading desk provides a safe and economical option for customers who wish to complete large orders without stirring up the market.

In order to provide the best trade execution services and reliable reporting, Satstreet needs a live pricing service that aggregates and serves data through an API, which is why the company decided to use CoinAPI. How Satstreet track real-time crypto prices using real-time data from CoinAPI? To find out how Satstreet uses CoinAPI to turn complex aggregated crypto data into data that’s accessible to the customers, we talked with Satstreet co-founder Mike Nasser. 

The challenge – lack of real-time crypto prices 

Our client, Satstreet, was looking for a reliable and streamlined pricing provider to help their clients trade with confidence. CoinAPI’s live pricing and charting library were the solutions they were looking for. The integration allowed providing live prices pre-quote that increased the ability of Satstreet clients to trade with the assurance that they were getting tight pricing. With Satstreet, customers get access to personalized, real-time crypto-market intelligence and execution. 

Satstreet needs a dependable, corporate-grade solution with real-time data streams at a sensible cost. CoinAPI provided them with precisely what they needed, a top-notch data feed that is always available. Furthermore, CoinAPI provides users with adjustable APIs that help them make the most of cryptocurrency data. 

How Satstreet tracks real-time crypto prices using real-time data from CoinAPI

Here are the challenges Satstreet faced:

1. Lack of reliable price data

Satstreet’s biggest problem was finding market data API with instant access to real-time crypto prices and historical data of cryptocurrencies. They required streaming market data, instead of being limited to pulling minute or daily bar data. 

2. Lack of real-time crypto prices

 Satstreet wanted to team up with a provider that could offer up-to-date pricing information which is essential for those in the trading, investing, and cryptocurrency fields. This would enable them to incorporate the data into their charting system. 

3. Work with the corporate entity and corporate-grade solution

Satstreet was looking to collaborate with like-minded professionals. The corporate entity provides the support and resources to get the most out of the solutions. Plus, with the corporate entity’s backing, customers are sure that the solutions are reliable, secure, and up-to-date. 

4. Lack of multiple price sources

It can be challenging to decide which crypto price source to believe in with the abundance of available information. Having multiple sources, however, empowers traders to make informed decisions regarding their investments. The data is both dependable and timely, so it is not beneficial to stick to one source – utilizing numerous crypto price sources is important to obtain the most complete overview of the market. 

The solution – real-time crypto prices from CoinAPI

To stay up-to-date in a market that is ever-evolving, Satstreet had to secure a trustworthy real-time crypto prices stream for their trading desk. This had been a necessary factor for the trading business that was not previously available. Having access to live costs enhances the capacity of their customers to trade confidently, knowing they are receiving exact prices.

Satstreet lacked reliable price data and didn’t have a live pricing provider to integrate with their charting library. However, when they started using CoinAPI’s Market Data API, all of these issues were solved at once.

The integration with CoinAPI gave Satstreet the ability to provide their customers with live pricing pre-quotes. CoinAPI provided great service reliability and stability that let Satstreet sleep at night knowing that their clients were going to have the price data they needed. Having multiple pricing sources aggregated allowed them to compare across the market.

As a result of these changes, Satstreet has been able to increase their client’s ability to trade with the assurance that they are getting tight pricing

Satstreet relies on CoinAPI to provide them with live pricing data so they can provide their customers with accurate quotes and trade confidently in the market. The integration between Satstreet’s charting library and CoinAPI’s live pricing provider makes it easy to access all of the information necessary to make informed trading decisions.


CoinAPI A reliable, enterprise-grade source of data

Satstreet chose CoinAPI because it provides great service reliability and stability that lets them sleep at night knowing that their clients are going to have the price data they need. Having multiple pricing sources aggregated enables them to compare across the market, giving their clients more confidence in their decision-making.

Satstreet is a great solution for white-glove service. Offering a dedicated account representative, low fees, and the best price for trade, Satstreet is a great option for anyone looking to make a large trade.

Here’s how CoinAPI solved Satstreet’s challenges:

1. Real-time crypto prices

With quicker access to data, the Satstreet team can cover all financial references, real-time pricing, historical pricing, and data relating to the trading of currencies.  Having live prices increases the ability of Satstreet clients to trade with the assurance that they are getting tight pricing. Without it, it can be difficult to make informed decisions and stay up to date with market trends.

2. A reliable, enterprise-grade source of data

For businesses looking for a reliable, enterprise-grade source of data, a Crypto Market data API is the perfect solution. You can access up-to-date, real-time crypto prices on the crypto market. You’ll get reliable, accurate data on prices, trading activity, and more. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility to customize the data to meet your specific business needs. The CoinAPI is also incredibly secure, utilizing the latest encryption technology to ensure the data is kept safe. Plus, it is easy to integrate into any existing system, making it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes. 

3. Making service stable

Stability is one of the most important aspects of using APIs. A stable API connection is essential for providing a seamless user experience, as it ensures reliable communication between components and systems. By using the CoinAPI service, Satstreet ensures that its trading desk is always running smoothly and efficiently. With an API that is stable and reliable, users can rest assured that their data is secure and their applications are always running smoothly. 

4. Making integration quick and simple

API integration is often the key to unlocking powerful new features and functionality for your customers. But speed is also important when it comes to API integration. No one wants to be stuck waiting days or weeks for their API to be integrated. With the right tools and strategies, you can get your API integrated quickly and easily. Using an API integration platform can help speed up the process by providing the necessary infrastructure and tools to quickly and easily integrate APIs. 

5. Providing multiple price sources

With a crypto market data API, you can get access to multiple price sources (including real-time crypto prices), helping you make informed decisions. You can use the API to track the performance of different cryptocurrencies over time, allowing you to make better decisions based on historical data. With all this data at your fingertips, you’ll have the tools you need to make the most out of the crypto market. 



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