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EMS Trading API

CoinAPI update: Cryptocurrency trading API and new integrations

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This month, CoinAPI is proud to launch our cryptocurrency trading API, alongside key partnerships with Quicknode. We’ve also expanded our offerings with new integrations at exchanges like dYdX, MEXC, and Bing, enhancing our cryptocurrency trading services.

Cryptocurrency trading API is live

CoinAPI proudly unveils the EMS Trading API, a groundbreaking API tool designed to transform cryptocurrency trading. This API offers a unified platform for managing multiple accounts across various exchanges, streamlining the trading process with seamless integration and normalized data. Key features include real-time market data, historical insights, and options for managed cloud and self-hosted formats. Ideal for individual traders, large firms, and professionals like developers, analysts, and brokers, the EMS Trading API combines efficiency, speed, and reliability, providing a comprehensive trading solution with unique insights and data accessibility.

Multiple account management

Effortlessly manage an unlimited number of accounts across various exchanges from a single, unified platform. This feature is particularly beneficial for firms handling a high volume of transactions, offering streamlined account oversight.

Seamless exchange integration

The EMS API facilitates smooth transitions between different cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides normalized data for easy comparison and decision-making, including access to historical data for comprehensive market analysis.

Real-time market data

Gain access to immediate market information, crucial for informed decision-making in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading. This feature ensures you are always up-to-date with the latest market movements.

Flexible cryptocurrency trading API deployment options

Choose between a managed cloud solution for ease of use and convenience, or opt for a self-hosted setup for greater control and confidentiality. This flexibility caters to a wide range of operational preferences and security needs.

Algorithmic trading support

The EMS API supports algorithmic trading, allowing for the automation of trading strategies. This feature enables efficient and effective trade execution, crucial for high-frequency trading and market-making scenarios.

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CoinAPI partners with Quicknode

We’re excited to announce a partnership between CoinAPI and Quicknode, a significant leap forward in our mission to innovate in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This partnership introduces a unique add-on in the Quicknode Marketplace, blending CoinAPI’s extensive market data with Quicknode’s robust blockchain infrastructure.

Key benefits:

Direct access via Quicknode: Seamlessly integrate CoinAPI’s market data into your applications directly through Quicknode’s platform, utilizing the efficiency of the RPC protocol.

Enhanced data integration: Benefit from easy and smooth integration, ensuring a streamlined development process, with the RPC protocol playing a key role in facilitating efficient data communication.

Rich market insights: Gain access to detailed market data, including real-time and historical information, exchange rates, and more, for in-depth financial analysis.

Advanced API features with RPC Protocol: Leverage our advanced cryptocurrency API, which utilizes the RPC protocol for a wide range of data access, including RPC methods, extensive exchange coverage, and standardized data models.

CoinAPI Integrates with dYdX, MEXC, and Bing Exchange

We’ve recently welcomed dYdX, MEXC, and Bing exchanges into our integration fold, significantly broadening the horizons for all our developers, investors, and brokers. With the dYdX integration, users gain access to the burgeoning DeFi market, unlocking real-time data on a range of innovative financial products. The MEXC integration opens up a world of global trading opportunities, offering insights into emerging markets and a diverse array of altcoins. Meanwhile, the Bing Exchange integration brings advanced trading features and analytics to the forefront, covering futures, options, and spot markets.

These integrations mean you now have a wider playground to explore and excel in. Whether it’s getting a comprehensive view of the crypto landscape for smarter trading decisions or diving into a variety of trading options from spot to DeFi – it’s all here, and it’s all for you. Plus, with enhanced data quality, your strategies and analyses just got a whole lot sharper. 

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