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CoinAPI November update: New documentation, Open API and Metrics API

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As 2023 wraps up, we’re excited to highlight the CoinAPI November update. We’ve rolled out some enhancements to elevate your experience. Curious about what’s in this update?

CoinAPI November update: Revamped Documentation

Our documentation has seen a significant transformation. We’ve transitioned to an entirely new framework to simplify our template and correct all identified glitches from the previous version.

CoinAPI November update

Enhanced search method
Our updated documentation features an advanced search method, guaranteeing you can locate information effortlessly.

Improved link experience
We recognized that previously, sharing a documentation section link often misdirected users. We’ve rectified this, ensuring accurate navigation every time.

Better request presentation
The former documentation was predominantly text-focused. But now, by integrating directly with Open API, our documentation mirrors our actual API, eliminating prior issues of lost context in request presentation.

Code comments for developers
Our new approach ensures that any updates or modifications made by developers in the code comments are instantly reflected in our documentation, streamlining updates and maintaining accuracy.

Speedy documentation site
We’ve amped up our site’s speed, delivering a more seamless user experience.

Open API Publication

By publishing our Open API, we’re further bridging the gap between documentation and implementation. This transition guarantees that developers can smoothly integrate and experiment with our offerings. By publishing our Open API, we aim to promote a more open and collaborative environment for developers.

Easy import to Postman

No need to sift through our documentation minutely. Directly implement our API into Postman and understand our documentation more easily using AI tools for a more intuitive grasp of our API. For a detailed guide, browse our how-to tutorial.

Introducing Metrics API

Metrics API has been crafted to equip you with the vital data you need.


Key Metrics explained

Trading volume: A critical indicator of liquidity and market activity.

Market depth: Understand the dynamics of buy and sell orders at varying price levels.

Order book: A continuously updated reflection of market demand and supply.

Spread: pivotal metrics indicating liquidity and potential trading expenses.

Price charts: Visual representations that chart cryptocurrency price movements, assisting traders in identifying trends and strategic decision-making.

Market cap: Insights into a cryptocurrency’s relative market size and value.

Trading pairs: Detailed data encompassing each cryptocurrency combination’s volume, price, and spread.

User metrics: Data reflecting the platform’s growth, popularity, and user engagement.

Trading fees: Comprehensive information about the fee structure and the revenue generated by exchanges.

Security metrics: Critical data assessing an exchange’s security strength, past incidents, and user fund protection.

Our Metrics API is a notable addition to our toolkit, aiming to empower traders and investors with all-encompassing data.

Stay tuned for more advancements. For a thorough understanding of our Metrics API, please refer to our detailed documentation.

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