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Market Data API

CoinAPI is actively collecting millions of data points, tick by tick. We help to get valuable insights by providing crypto raw data that individuals and businesses can easily get and build services on top of.

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CoinAPI provides real-time and historical data source in one place. For non-technical users CoinAPI provides flat files through CryptoTick platform, a pay-per-service platform that is very handy for researchers that are not much familiar with APIs.

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EMS Trading API

Find, test, and connect to thousands exchanges from one centralized location. CoinAPI allows hooking up to multiple crypto exchanges through a single account. You can centralize your API order routing process and get the best pricing across exchanges. Connect as many accounts as you want from over all exchanges.

What makes us different?

Every interface
you need

We deliver three different protocols: REST, FIX and WebSocket, so you don’t need to worry about what interface each exchange has, and what it supports.

Developer friendly interfaces. SDK in 40 languages

CoinAPI has you covered with multi-language SDKs and great documentation tailored to every endpoints.

Low latency
and high quality

To maintain the highest level of quality, market symbol details and asset codes are double-checked by real humans.

The whole ecosystem in one place

CoinAPI is one place from where you have access to EMS (trading ecosystem) compatibile with the Market Data API's.

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